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Pigs in the pasture

Breeding pigs

Pig photo from a German EdelschweinGerman Edelschwein:     

  •   High fertility performance
  •   Garanteed stress resistant
  •   Excellent meat quality
  •   Superior maternal traits
  •   High gain

Landrace:     Pig photo from a Landrace

  •   Ideal for cross-breeding
  •   Very fertile
  •   Guaranteed stress restistant
  •   Large frame
  •   Good mast performance

Pietrain:     Pig photo from a Pietrain

Pietrain used to sire pigs for mast pig production guarantees lean carcasses with a high meat content. Stress-resistant animals (NN/NP) ensure safe, high-quality meat:

  •   Extremely high meat yield
  •   Best type
  •   Efficient feed conversion
  •   Good reproduction

ÖHYB - F1:     

The optimal combination of Edelschwein and Landrace results in guaranteed stress-resistant hybrid sows perfectly suited for profitable piglet production:

  •     Highly vital and robust
  •     Excellent maternal traits
  •     Highly fertile
  •     Good growth
  •     Meat of excellent quality