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Consulting and Planning

Including the best specialists in the fields of feeding, animal health/genetics and equipment for modern agriculture, we let the following topics become a reality for our customers:

1)  Feeding, feeding systems and consulting:

  1. Visit of an independent feeding consultant regarding the ACTUAL state and subsequent suggestions for improvement.
  2. Analysis of the feed in cooperation with leading feedstuff enterprises. The corresponding components can be purchased directly.
  3. Preparation of a new feeding concept and deliver possibility of all the components necessary for this directly by Klinger.
  4. Quality and quantity increase of the feed in the field and on the pasture
  5. Increase in the milk - and beef production in the business
  6. Provision of information material for feed processing, transfer, storage, analysis etc.

2)  Animal health:

  1. Training and further training in the form of seminars
  2. Suggestions for solutions in the field of animal husbandry and care
  3. Particular focus on the topic fertility
  4. Practical demonstration and training of the personnel in the very important field of claw care.

3) Genetics:

  1. Pairing recommendations by the specialists of insemination stations or the breeding organisations
  2. Semen import
  3. Support and training with the artificial insemination up to embryo transfer

4)  Equipment for modern farming:

  1. Claw care stands of all variations including training
  2. Automated feed supply with included concentrate feed addition as feeding motivator and a performance increase of up to 1000 l/year/cow associated therewith.
  3. Laboratory-technical equipment for the simple implementation of standard analyses in your own company. (Milk fat content, milk protein content etc.) 

5) Education in the field of feeding and animal health in Austria

  1. Education and further education modules in Austria
  2. Expert seminars led by practitioners
  3. Individual business training and consulting units
  4. Demonstration and site inspection at model businesses (practical)